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The Vault

Curioporium is unlike any shopping you have experienced before! Come experience the curiosities, oddities and cursed items that have been amassed from around this globe. Havishams Vault has never opened its doors to the public until now so come see what's inside for yourself- You won't regret it…

Temporarily Closed as of 4/5

Online • Virtual


The Salon

Your shopping experience starts in the Salon where you will see the marvelously macabre Seance Machine, the final resting place of Miss Havisham, Séance Circle & More


Sanctum Obscura

The Sanctum Obscura is the library that the Havisham's used to plan their expeditions and study the arcane. You will be able to browse, and purchase, a selection of vintage books, haunted artifacts, and more. Feel free to investigate further and read their private letters or explore their desks and personal effects.


Hall of Unnatural History

No feeding the Cryptids! Enter the Hall of Unnatural History where the beasts of forgotten legend and law of nature defying Cryptid reside.


The Veil

Cross into the realm of the dark. The night. The unseen. In The Veil, you will find items of the occult practitioner, witchy items, crystals & more. We have paid special care to the presentation and acquisition of items from multiple practices.


The Repository

Continue your journey behind The Veil. The Repository was used by the Havishams to prepare to trap lost souls, ghosts, and other nasties. But don't be alarmed, the Repository has a fine selection of sage wands, potions, herbs, sweet grass, and more for all of your cleansing needs. 


Parlor of
Lost Souls

While the entities that reside in The Vault are not malicious, we must warn you - if you are sensitive to the other world you may want to steady yourself before entering the Parlor of Lost Souls. This is our most active room. This is no joke. It is filled and fueled with the essence and memories of those that have crossed over.




Strange & Unusual Curiosity Shoppe

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