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The Havishams 


The Havisham family's history is the stuff of legends, spanning back generations in England. They were a prominent British family with noblemen and kings among their kin for centuries. 

For generations, the Havishams sought out that which cannot be found in any tome or manuscript. Using their incredible connections and influence, the Havishams amassed a staggering treasure trove of sought-after artifacts, specimens, and collections of the strange and unusual.


Upon the family's sudden downward spiral into obscurity, the Havisham Society was established to gather what remains of their legacy.

The Society spent years piecing together the shadowed background history of the family. The items they sought. The creatures they discovered. The ethereal realms that they touched. 

Through a unique partnership, the Havisham Society has agreed to pull back the veil on the Havishams and share some of their discoveries in our Vault! 




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