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The Fairy King Lubdan and his Queen, Bebo, were the rulers of the tiny Faylinn people. The Faylinn believed that all other inhabitants of Ireland were giants due to their small size. When Lubdan became fed up with being boasted about by the court poet, he decided to travel north in order to prove his greatness. He and Bebo got trapped in the porridge made by the Giants, until they were rescued by the Lord Giant Fergus Mac Leda, freed them in exchange for Lubdan's guardian, Tutter Graytail. 


Finally, Lubdan passed away and Tutter fulfilled his duty as guardian of Lubdan's spirit even in death. To this day, he watches over his master in the other realm. Thus, the story of Fairy King Lubdan and his guardian Tutter Graytail is forever remembered in Irish folklore.


  • The remains of King Luban & Tutter arrive in a mourning chest
  • The story of Fairy King Luban is included in written and audio production form

The Fairy King Lubdan




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