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A mermaid Found by Miss Havisham while on a fishing expedition with her Uncle, Lord Bryon. This small specimen is relatively small in size. Miss Havisham assumed it could have been stunted in growth due to harsh sea conditions, or simply its age. Regardless, the mermaid was alive and seemingly healthy.


Miss Havisham decided to bring the mermaid home with her and keep it as a pet. She constructed a large tank for it in her mansion, where she could observe it from her bedroom window. Miss Havisham became quite entranced with her new pet, and often spent hours watching it swim around its tank. She began to become quite fond of the mermaid and named it “Mermaidia”.


Unfortunately Mermaidia died of natural causes only a few weeks later. Miss Havisham was devastated, and kept the small mermaid preserved in a jar of formaldehyde. Later she had it mundified, framed and hung it on her wall as an ever-reminder of the special creature that had briefly been part of her life. She never went fishing again. 

Mummified North Atlantic Mermaid




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