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Our benefactor , Miss Eugenia Emmelian Havisham, once said “The pursuit and the discovery of the unknown, the wonderful, the curious, is something that has long lived in all of us but has been forgotten. Now is the age to awaken it in all of us.”.

Curioporium is your doorway into that awakening. Walk through our doors into a atmosphere that makes the impossible possible. Curiosities and curated antiquities have been gathered from all parts of the known and unknown world for patrons of all ages to explore with all their senses. From unearthed artifacts from the troll tombs of the Dovre Mountains in Norway to excavated Septarian Dragon Stones from Madagascar, your curiosity and imagination will awaken to find the veil between worlds a little thinner. We’re a refuge from the banality of the norm and a bridge into the forgotten.

what wonders await…

The Valentine’s Paranormal Parlor Show
February 15, 2020 7pm & 9pm

The Valentine’s Paranormal Parlor Show presented by illusionist Steve Gibson. Featuring chilling new demonstrations of clairvoyance and haunted objects from Yale University. The paranormal activity doesn’t stop there, you will be part of a seance to unravel mysteries from a tragedy that occurred on Valentine’s day 1932. Join Steve Gibson and Curioporium for a night you and your sweetheart will never forget. Click for tickets

Artists♦Musicians♦ Performers

Miss Havisham is always looking to showcase new talent at Curioporium. Take to our stage for a one act play, mesmerize us with your storytelling, adorn our walls with your works of art or have your group meet-up at a venue like no other. We encourage artists of all genres and mediums to reach-out to us. In most cases using our space is at no cost. Come spread the culture. Call or email us.


Curio of the Moment

Tuatha de Danaan Druid

Discovered preserved in a burial mound in the Newgrange burial mound in the Boyne Valley by Miss Havisham . This druid is truly a one of a kind find and can be traced all the way back to the beginning days of the Eire.

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