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Experience six exhilarating, captivating rooms that will take you on wild & wonderful journeys full of surprises. Prepare to be electrified by the excitement, thrilled by the scares & entertained beyond your wildest imagination!

Ready to transport yourself into our world of enchantment? The Vault is your ticket in! Shop unique finds, battle friends on the tabletop gaming battlefield & enjoy performances that'll leave you spellbound.

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Haunted Shopping

Shop curiosities, oddities, artifacts, and unique items from the Havisham Private Collection.  All here for you to explore, discover & purchase. BEWARE...the restless ghosts, cryptids and phenomena that resides inside the Vault are restless and dying to meet you.

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Reserve one of our immersive rooms for a tabletop gaming experience like no other. From catching serial killers in our Parlor of Lost Souls to launching a new D & D campaign in the Hall of Unnatural History, we take gaming to the next level. 

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Experience our unique entertainment with immersive performances with you in the center of it all. With your help our Séance Mirror will summon souls from across space and time. Help our Havisham members track down missing entities in the Vault. Have an evening chat with Edgar Allen Poe. Be part of a paranormal investigation into the Vault.

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