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We Will Be Closed for Haunted Shopping & Lantern Tours 3/20-3/26

But Open For the Blair Witch Files Immersive Escape Room 3/24-3/26

Experience six exhilarating, captivating rooms that will take you on wild & wonderful journeys full of surprises. Prepare to be electrified by the excitement, thrilled by the scares & entertained beyond your wildest imagination!

Ready to transport yourself into our world of enchantment? The Vault is your ticket in! Shop unique finds, battle friends on the tabletop gaming battlefield & enjoy performances that'll leave you spellbound.

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Haunted Shopping

Shop curiosities, oddities, artifacts, and unique items from the Havisham Private Collection.  All here for you to explore, discover & purchase. BEWARE...the restless ghosts, cryptids and phenomena that resides inside the Vault are restless and dying to meet you.

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