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Our benefactor , Miss Eugenia Emmelian Havisham, once said “The pursuit and the discovery of the unknown, the wonderful, the curious, is something that has long lived in all of us but has been forgotten. Now is the age to awaken it in all of us.”.

Curioporium is your doorway into that awakening. Walk through our doors into a atmosphere that makes the impossible possible. Curiosities and curated antiquities have been gathered from all parts of the known and unknown world for patrons of all ages to explore with all their senses. From unearthed artifacts from the troll tombs of the Dovre Mountains in Norway to excavated Septarian Dragon Stones from Madagascar, your curiosity and imagination will awaken to find the veil between worlds a little thinner. We’re a refuge from the banality of the norm and a bridge into the forgotten.

what wonders await…

The Paranormal Parlor Show :: Titanic
April 11th & 18th

April 11th 1912, 2229 souls set to sea on the fateful journey of the Titanic. 33 of those passengers were bound for Connecticut. 1 made it.

Join illusionist Steve Gibson and the Paranormal Parlor Show on the 108th anniversary of that night. A thrilling voyage into the Paranormal. The spirits have their stories to tell.

Three performances on the anniversary April 11th and three encore performances on Saturday April 18th. All shows include a reception in Hartford’s famous Curioporium before the show

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Creature Creation Class
 3/27 and 4/3 :: Tickets Here

Create your very own creature with hands-on instruction by expert creator Joey Marsocci of Grymm Studios.

Using hot glue, and other household items, along with found organic items from the forest, you will learn the techniques and tips to bring a forest creature to life of your very own!

Joey has been creating unique and whimsical creatures for over 40 years and has worked with major companies in the entertainment industry, and now he will pass down some of his wisdom to you!

$60 fee includes (2) classes, all materials, tools, refreshments.
Class Dates & Times: Friday 3/27 7pm-10pm  & Friday 4/3 7pm-10pm

Calling all Guys & Dolls! Gangsters & Molls. Join us for laughs, guest & surprises. 1920’s style! March 21st • 7pm • Tickets

Connecticut comedian Sophia Florence & Curioporium present the Speakeasy Comedy Lounge. Step back in time when speakeasies ruled the night and enjoy an experience almost too exciting to be legal. Put on your finest fedora or flapper dress and prepare for a unique event in the heart of Parkville.

Entertainment for the Evening:

  • Comedians: Sophia Florence (Host), Kevin Jones II, and Rob Santos

  • Table Games: Craps & Blackjack

  • Curioporium “Cigarette” Girls

  • Prizes for Best Dressed

  • BYOB “Brown Bag” – Wine & Beer Only Please

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