The Havisham family was one of the most prominent British families is history. Their lives have been intertwined with noblemen, kings, artists, noted scholars and titans of industry for generations. Their reputation as exceptional art and antiquities dealers solidified their fortune in upper society.  Their well established business and social standing gave them the ability to continue their real work that was the foundation of their success...the discovery and acquisition of the otherworldly. 

For generations the Havishams sought out that which cannot be found in any tome or manuscript. Using their incredible connections and influence, the Havishams amassed a staggering treasure trove of sought after artifacts, specimens, and collections of the curious, odd and unique. Upon the families sudden downward spiral into obscurity, the Havisham Society was established as a means to gather what remains of their legacy.

The Havisham Society has spent years piecing together the shadowed background history of the family. The items they sought. The creatures they discovered. The ethereal realms that they touched. 

Through a special partnership, the Havisham Society has agreed to pull back the veil on the Havishams and share some of their discoveries and stories. To understand the family you have to start with their end. Many Havisham scholars attribute this to Lord Malcolm Havisham, his brother Lord Byron and his devoted niece Miss Eugenia Havisham.


Miss Eugenia

Emmeline Havisham

Miss Eugenia Emmeline Havisham, was born in Glastonbury England on November 18, 1833. The Havisham’s were a well to do family that had made a substantial living as art and antiquities dealers for several museums and private collectors.


Miss Havisham was only a precocious six-year old when she started to join her Father, Lord Havisham, on his expeditions. Her thirst for the unknown and the other-worldly drove her to the hallowed halls of Cambridge and Oxford where her father reluctantly paid considerable sums for her to study archeology, astronomy, cryptozoology, and several other subjects.


Still the life of academia grew boring and she dropped out against her father’s wishes to go on an expedition with her uncle Lord Byron Havisham to the dark continent. Lord Byron was the black sheep of the family. He dealt in back alley antiquities, the occult and the supernatural.  His brother Lord Malcolm Havisham hated him for his impure pursuits but put up with his escapades because of the love that Eugenia bore him. 

Lord Malcolm


Lord Byron