The Havisham Society


Alloisious Doyle
 Scientist & Host

Alloisious Doyle was hired by the Board of the Havisham Society to improve and strengthen the existing Stasis Generator of the Havisham Vault, and to attempt to complete the work on the Havisham Seance Machine which was originally designed and built by his long lost brother, Dr. Thaddeus Grymm; as is documented in a journal kept in the Salon. 

Abigail Sinster

Abigail Sinster (Abby Sinth) is a 1890's mortician. Helped Dr. Grymm cremate/ preserve Lord Byron and Malcom. Gets giddy over dead things, apparently stuffed the fox and bobcat in the Hall of Cryptozoology (Issac and Miria). She has a very bubbly and helpful disposition but will have no qualms about killing people 


Deborah Mantae

Deborah’s specialty within the Society is not limited to experimentation with artifacts prior to being locked into the Vault, but also the long term effects these artifacts have had on the original owners of the relics. Though she has had many opportunities to work within the Grand Salon of the Havisham Vault in her many assignments (and volunteering) to supervise the reconstruction and maintenance of the precocious Vault machinery, she has not been successful in reuniting with the artifact of her desire.