R.A.S Wren Avian Airship


Avian Class Light Passenger Transport Airship

The Crimson Wren was a screw and avian drive hybrid passenger ship known for its smooth flights. With the exception of its organic wing and engine components, the Wren was almost made entirely out of lightweight aluminum alloy. During her heyday she would shuttle the who’s who of society from Central London to Paris. Unfortunately, due to a flaw in the metal smelting process the Wren was extremely susceptible to rust and corrosion. This was accelerated by its voyage route across the English Channel. Ultimately the corrosion became so bad that metal structures became as brittle as an egg shell. The model sits atop actual aluminum ribbing taken from the retired vessel.

(1) Avian Airship Replica
(1) Aluminum alloy stand
(1) Sample of the aluminium alloy

Due to the unique nature of our curios they will arrive with proper documentation as provided by the Havisham Society that will include: item provenance, historical reference material and/or backstory of the piece.

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