Ka’el Rah Mummy


Adviser to King Menes

Ka’el Rah was a fairy noble that was gifted to Menes upon his birth. Ka’el Rah was Menes’ constant companion throughout his life. Much of King Menes’ known life has been lost to antiquity but upon a Havisham dig in lower Egypt a small pyramid was unearthed. Inside was the preserved tomb of Ka’el Rah. One item in particular that was found with his remains were several severely damaged scrolls.

These scrolls were written in an early form of fairy cuneiform and parts were successfully translated by a royal scholar of the Aswam Curiosity Society. The recoverable text revealed that these scrolls were indeed Ka’el Rah’s personal journal recounting his life with King Mendes.

Due to the unique nature of our curios they will arrive with proper documentation as provided by the Havisham Society that will include: item provenance, historical reference material and/or backstory of the piece.

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