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The ancient vampire head from the Havisham Vault is a truly unique and mysterious item.


It looks like something out of a horror movie, shrouded in darkness and danger. The skull itself has been said to have extraordinary power, with some even claiming its hungry eyes can see right into your soul. Its mouth gapes open as if alive, and its long fangs are sharp and ready to pierce anything that stands in its way.


Whether you choose to keep it as a conversation piece or use it for more sinister purposes, this vampire head is sure to bring an eerie chill into any room. Are you brave enough to take the risk? Purchase the ancient vampire head from the Havisham Vault and unleash the terror it holds within.


All Havisham Vault items come freshly packed with all necessary wards to keep purchasers safe. Each includes a Certificate of Authenticity as well as background documents on the items.

Ancient Vampire Head - Vault Item #945




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