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Guests open to the world of the paranormal are welcome! Curioporium is not home to malevolent entities or anything that wishes you harm.  Over the past 4-years all manner of activity has occurred. We do not guarantee you will experience and/or see any paranormal activity due to many factors.

Join us as we welcome visitors for the first time to become part of a paranormal investigation of Curioporium after hours! We want to invite those who have always wanted to participate in a paranormal investigation, to experience things for themselves in a controlled and safe location! This experience offers you a chance to peek through the veil and possibly witness the phenomena that reside here. With the veil being its thinnest during October who knows what you will witness!


Facilitated by a Havisham Society team member; you and your group will have a chance to use professional equipment and have your own experience within our strange and unusual shop! Each experience will be unique to you as you explore all 6 rooms of our haunted store.


Your experience will include:

  • After-hour access to Curioporium!

  • Facilitated by some of our top Havisham Society members!

  • Pre-investigation instruction on use of equipment used by professional investigators!

  • History and stories of the haunted items inside the Havisham Vault!

  • The ability to record or live stream your experience!



Strange & Unusual Curiosity Shoppe

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