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Strange & Unusual Investigation Liability
Release Waiver

This Liability Release Form is a written agreement between Curioporium, Connecticut, and all paying or nonpaying participants (hereon known as the “Guest”). Strange & Unusual Investigations is a facilitated self-guided paranormal investigation that takes place within Curioporium, located at 1429 Park Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06106.

By participating in the Strange & Unusual Investigations the Guest as well as any heirs or assignees agree to hold harmless and release, both now and in perpetuity, Curioporium LLC, Connecticut and their agents, employees, contractors and representatives from any and all liability, injury, accident, death, harm, financial loss or incidental damages or any other circumstances arising from or that may occur during, immediately preceding or following or is in any way related to participation in said activity, whether or not due to omission, negligence, incompetence, failure or any other reason on the part of or by Curioporium LLC, Connecticut.

Guest understands that said activity may be physically strenuous, emotionally or spiritually disturbing, and potentially hazardous, and agrees that they are in an adequate physical and mental condition to participate as well as adequately outfitted and clothed.

Guest understands that said activity may include the use of laser grids, EMF detectors, parabolic microphones, IR camera/recorders, Spiritboxes and other paranormal investigation equipment, and agrees that they are in an adequate physical and mental condition to participate.

The decision to enter and exit various rooms and floors at the Curioporium is solely at the discretion of each Guest. In addition, each Guest is responsible for their own entry and movement throughout the building.

Each Guest is required to sign this Liability Waiver & Release Form, hereby attesting to their own ability to do so under Connecticut Law. Any Guest refusing to sign this waiver will not be permitted to participate in the Investigation, and any purchased tickets will NOT be refunded. The ticket price can be used towards another experience at Curioporium.
By signing this form, you, the Guest, agree to waive any present or future claims or actions and will release and hold harmlessCurioporium LLC, Connecticut from any and all liability as a result of any injury suffered or incurred while on the Curioporium Strange & Unusual Investigation for any reason.

I acknowledge the above information is true and correct. I have read and accept the terms, conditions, class policies, enter/exit policy, fees and charges of the Curioporium Strange & Unusual Investigations. I am familiar with the potential risks involved in the Investigation or Event and I assume all such risks.

I waive and release any and all claims whatsoever arising from my participation in the Curioporium Strange & Unusual Investigations.

Thanks for submitting & Good Hunting!



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