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The Havisham Society


Alloisious Doyle
 Scientist & Host

Alloisious Doyle was hired by the Board of the Havisham Society to improve and strengthen the existing Stasis Generator of the Havisham Vault, and to attempt to complete the work on the Havisham Seance Machine which was originally designed and built by his long lost brother, Dr. Thaddeus Grymm; as is documented in a journal kept in the Salon. 

Trinity Hughes
Hunter & Assistant 

Trinity Hughes is the youngest member of the Havisham Society and one with a very rare gift as well. She comes from a long bloodline of hunters and trackers from France, and many of the most fearsome creatures in our collection have been collected and donated from the Hughes family. To say she is a world traveler would be an understatement, as her gift allows her to not only manipulate time, but also jump between parallel dimensions to obtain creatures and beasties of which our world has not yet discovered. 




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