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The Salon

This is the scientifically-mechanized heart of Curioporium. It houses the Stasis Generator and the marvelously macabre Séance Macine!

Powered by the ever-watchful corpse of Miss Eugenia Havisham, the Stasis Generator creates a protective field that will keep you safe while in our walls. Steam and electricity race and pulse through the machinery. Maybe while you are there the Séance Mirror will lure in a lost soul or two and bring it to life right in front of your eyes

The Salon is the perfect setting for any of our specially curated steampunk or sci-fi themed games.

•2-8+ Players • Semi-Private

Library Obscura


The Library Obscura is a private room straight out of Sherlock Holmes' apartment. All manner of books and antiques line shelves and walls, giving the impression that you're in 221B Baker Street rather than any other library!

The room is perfect for your next gaming session to try to track down a killer or solve a crime. What mysteries could you and your friends or family solve?

•2-4 Players • Semi-Private

Hall of Unnatural History


The low roar of a Wendigo. The stare of a frozen mermaid. The hungry gaze of a Chupacabra. These are just some of the cryptids that will surround you in the Hall of Unnatural History.

These creatures, from the fanciful to the grotesque, will be your constant companions as you fight off hordes of monsters, plan your next attack or venture deep into the dragons lair.

•2-4 Players • Semi-Private

The Repository


Who doesn't like haunted dolls, imprisoned souls, or cursed objects? The Repository has a life of its own. These spirits will help empower your next tabletop venture into a haunted mansion. They will be with you as you do battle with the Lich King. The dark ambiance is perfect for your next horror or suspense filled gaming session.

•2-8 Players • Semi-Private

parlor of Lost Souls


Arguably the most haunted room in Curioporium. The Parlor of Lost Souls contains the pictures, mementos and memories of those poor souls that were unfortunate enough to cross paths with the maniacal Lord Byron Havisham. Lord Bryon would promise someone the opportunity to commune with a diseased love one, but his real motives were more sinister. Lord Byron was a collector of souls. Souls that he tortured before bringing them to their end in what has become known as the "Murder Chair". The chair and memories of his victims draw you into their grasp and join you on your next gaming session.

•2-6 Players

Our Rooms

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