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Dark Artist Series

Joey Marsocci "Finding Art Through Trauma"

Join Joey Marsocci (aka. Alloisious Doyle/Dr. Grymm) and Curioporium Creative Director of the Curioporium; as he discusses the inner workings of his art and design as it relates to healing trauma and overcoming obstacles through art and storytelling.

Part 1: Takes a rare inside peek inside his current project "The Daemons Project" and how it intertwines with our story at the Curioporium, and how it came to be through his life obstacles, trauma, and living on the Autism spectrum.

Part 2: Takes a closer look at some of the themes from our talk last week; specifically how using EMDR Therapy allows for creating tangible solutions to artists, developing a sense of worth through your art, and the process this artist takes to remove trauma to control it.