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Immersive Escape Room Experience

Friday-Sunday March 24th - March 26th

Our Vault has turned into a bridge between our world and the Blair Witch. You will be thrust into the role of a Curioporium investigator trying desperately to unravel the mystery of a lost boy. BUT-time is against you. Something evil is coming into our Vault. Can you stop it in time? 

Your investigation will have you trying to piece together clues, solve puzzles, & uncover secrets-

All while trying not to become part of the Blair Witch legend.


  • Blair Witch Files-: Episode 1
    Multiple Dates
    Mar 25, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    Curioporium, 1429 Park St, Hartford, CT 06106, USA
    Are you brave enough to take on the mysterious Blair Witch in a thrilling immersive escape room experience? Dare to enter our Vault that is now home of an evil presence, and answer a desperate mother's plea for help! Hurry before your time runs out.
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